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FEB 2017

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Page 62 of 69 / February 2017 / Store Brands 6 1 study from GfK [a global market research firm] shows that freeze-dried foods have more than doubled their market share … Carnivore Meat Company has responded to this trend by producing the largest variety of raw freeze-dried options." Just as human consumers, especially millennials, tend to snack throughout the day rather than having three square meals, shoppers are looking for similar versatility in their pet food products. "We're seeing pet parents finding multiple uses for our frozen and freeze-dried items," Olson shares. "For example, our niblets are being served as treats or snacks by some, while others choose to feed the product as an entrée or as a supplement or mixer combined with their existing pet food." Consumer demand for simple clean- and clear- label products also extends to cat litter and anything else that comes in contact with a pet's fur, hair or skin. "Lightweight and natural litters are starting to become very popular, as consumers are more concerned about dust and ingredients," says Shannon Supanich, marketing and public relations manager for Cedarburg, Wis.-based Pioneer Pet Products, which offers SmartCat All Natural and SmartCat Lightweight litter for private branding. But fashion rules when it comes to pet play- things, attire and accessories, according to Supanich. "Influenced by social media and new popular web- sites such as Houzz, consumers are more conscious than ever about style," she says. Rev up the pet aisle Unlike pet specialty stores, which take a "consultative approach" to selling, as Trachtenberg describes On the wild side Wild bird feed is commonly sold in the pet food aisle of supermarkets and other large grocery retailers. Stores would also be wise to cross-merchandise it alongside bird feeders in the lawn and garden department (if available) or in a seasonal aisle that features backyard items, says Bill Gleason co-owner of Minnetonka, Minn.-based Wildlife Sciences, which manufactures suet cakes for private branding. "Our suet cakes are unique because we wrap them individually in a candy bar-type wrapper while most vendors just put suet cakes in a tray," Gleason says. "We wrap them because suet is fat and can be a little bit messy to handle. The way we package the cakes, people can tear the wrapper open, pull it back and place the cake in a feeder without getting the suet on their hands." Mark Your Calendar NOW! Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit A P R I L 2 6 - 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 C H I C A G O , I L L I N O I S Using customer analytics to power strategy and execution is not a hope for the future. Effective retailers and consumer goods companies are using data right now as they shape effective merchandising, marketing and supply chain initiatives. That's why RIS News is joining forces with Consumer Goods Technology to host the 4th Annual Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit. Through the Summit, retailers and consumer will learn ways to better leverage advances analytics and take deci- sive action to deliver results. RCAS also provides a unique networking environment where retailers and consumer goods company execu- tives discuss and share ideas. Retail Executive Summit J U N E 1 4 - 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 S C O T T S D A L E , A Z As RIS' fl agship event, the Retail Executive Summit is an invite-only event that brings retail's top minds together for three days of idea exchange, executive learning and networking. In June, we will explore Leadership Re-Imagined in an Era of Digital Transformation. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from visionary speakers, share insights and challenges with peers and forge new relationships with powerful partners. Retail TechCon S E P T E M B E R 6 - 8 , 2 0 1 7 O R L A N D O , F L O R I D A RetailTechCon is all about technology that works and help build businesses. It combines the practical with the visionary and is the event that retail executives attend to stay current on best practices in technology, benchmark against their peers and learn about new trends and strategies. For more information go to RIS LIVE 2017 RIS LIVE EVENTS are the perfect meld of knowledge and networking! They offer you an outstanding opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders, share best practices with peers and build strong relationships with partners and solution providers. Plan now to attend these 2017 events.

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