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FEB 2017

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6 0 Store Brands / February 2017 / Category Intelligence: Pet Care Products common in the pet product realm, points out Stephen Trachtenberg, owner of Hudson, N.H.- based Chasing Our Tails, which makes Beef Marrow Bones and several antler chews for dogs. Trachtenberg notes that antlers are "a derivation of nature" — a completely sustainable, renewable resource that is also healthful. They are shed naturally, consumed in the wild by a number of woodland creatures such as porcupines and squirrels and are rich in nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus and manganese. "Antler has become a commodity product that is available for private label from many different suppliers," adds QT Dog's Thomas, noting that antlers nonetheless command a premium price. "Retailers of all stripes have learned that they can sell a $14.99 [antler] chew with their name on it in addition to a $1.99 hunk of rawhide." EuroCan, for its part, makes a number of single-ingredient wood-smoked bulk treats for dogs, including Beef Hock, Crown Knuckle, Beef Rib, Beef Hock and Beef Humerus. Consumer interest in frozen and freeze-dried dog and cat food, including raw food, is another high-growth trend, says Melissa Olson, marketing director for Green Bay, Wis.-based Carnivore Meat Company, which offers its Vital Essentials brand of raw pet food for private label. "A category-specific trend we're seeing for raw pet food is the demand for freeze-dried options as compared to the declines experienced by dehydrated pet foods," Olson notes. "A recent Source: InfoScan Reviews, IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm. Total U.S. supermarkets, drugstores, mass market retailers, military commissaries and select club and dollar retail chains for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 30, 2016. Note: Does not include all pet care subcategories. Pet care product category performance Dollar Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Dollar Share Unit Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Avg. Price Per Unit Dog/Cat Needs Dog Biscuits/Treats/ Beverages Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands $559.4.3 +10.0% 24.2% 92.4 +4.8% $6.06 $2,311.6 +2.7% 100% 338.9 +1.2% $6.82 $246.4 +7.4% 10.6% 66.6 -2.7% $3.70 $2,324.6 +4.8% 100% 523.2 +0.6% $4.44

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