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FEB 2017

Store Brands delivers unprecedented strategic and tactical information needed by retail executives to develop and support compelling, differentiated store brand programs to build customer loyalty.

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5 4 Store Brands / February 2017 / Category Intelligence: Frozen Appetizers and Snacks says. "Because there aren't many retailers who have been successful at creating products, they should focus on enhancing value in existing selections, such as by maintaining consistency." Yet, many dedicated store brand buyers are willing to try new options in product lines that they trust, Ronzheimer notes. To maximize revenues, meanwhile, it is most important for retailers and suppliers to create products that are in line with shoppers' evolving behaviors and attitudes, Ronzheimer states. "Retailers should be constantly researching and learning about their consumers, while suppliers have the opportunity to research and learn food industry and flavor trends," she notes. "As a collaborative team, they should then be able to develop on-trend products that meet the consumers' needs." In addition to developing pertinent selections, it also necessary for the parties to design merchandising strategies that spot- light the range of private brand frozen snacks and appetizers, Silverman says. Among possible initiatives is hav- ing a prominent store brand section in the frozen case and cross merchandising the selections, such as by enabling consumers to purchase any two products for $5, he notes. "All private label packaging also should have a similar look to create cohesiveness and get the shopper addicted to buying the same brands," he states. Coupons also can bolster awareness and interest in store brands, Silverman says. Retailers can distribute savings coupons for me-too items at the checkout during national brand purchases or e-mail private brand coupons to every snack or appetizer buyer, who the merchandisers can identify through their loyalty programs, he notes. "Stores also should demo private label products," Silverman adds. "To do so is costly, but if a retailer truly believes in the item, the expense is worth it because it creates equity in the long run. They need to find ways to get the selections into the consumers' mouths." SB Mitchell is a freelance writer from Wilmette, Ill. Do have in-store demos to get shoppers to try store brand frozen snacks. Don't fail to distribute coupons at checkout that alert customers to store brand products. What's Possible with Tropical TM Fruit Purees and Juice Concentrates Our incredible purees and juice concentrates combine the highest quality and best taste of nature's offerings. From sweet fillings to dairy substitutes to Vitamin C replacements, our ingredients offer countless advantages when added to any of your finest blends. We invite you to see What's Possible with Tropical TM . To see our full product line, visit or call us at 1.609.987.0550.

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