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FEB 2017

Store Brands delivers unprecedented strategic and tactical information needed by retail executives to develop and support compelling, differentiated store brand programs to build customer loyalty.

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Increase Sales, Decrease Shrink. Active Packaging protects and preserves your product from the damaging effects of oxygen. Retaining the fl avor and color of your meat product with active packaging is not only critical for the initial sale, but also for acquiring re peat customers. Additionally, active packaging extends the shelf life of your product reducing lo ss from markdowns and shrink. Increase sales and decrease shrink by contacting Multisorb today! ¨ FreshMax ® Self-Adhesive Protecting Deli Meat inside a Rigid Tray FreshMax ® Self-Adhesive Protecting Deli Meat in a Pillow Pouch FreshPax ® CR Packet Protecting Case-Ready Meat JerkyFresh ® Packet Protecting Jerky Inside of a Stand-Up Pouch

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