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FEB 2017

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2 6 Store Brands / February 2017 / "Not that value isn't important, but we want people to be confident that they're purchasing high- quality products." — Karen Hall, director of emerging business and private brands among the toughest customers they have," Brous says. "But they will always say at the same time that we are fair and consistent and know exactly what our expectations are." In terms of new products, nothing is rolled out until it's absolutely, positively ready. Sometimes this can take up to two years. "If we put a product out there, we know we have done our research, and it's going to be a quality product," Brous says. New items also aren't rolled out without associates sampling them. It's vital to the process, Pixley points out. One time, Pixley was standing unnoticed in the checkout line at a Publix store when the cashier said to a customer in front of her, "Oh, you're buying the new bakery item that was just introduced this week. I tried it this morning, and you are going to love it." "It was the affirmation from the cashier that the customer had made a good choice," Pixley says. Sometimes, outside suppliers will say that Publix needs to offer certain products as private label because their competitors offer them. "But that's all the reason we don't want to offer those products," Pixley adds. "We don't want to be a me-too." In the future, Publix will challenge itself and its outside suppliers to deliver even more definitive private brands. "It's a whole different conversation than the conversation we had 15 years ago," Brous says. "We want something that's going to move the needle … something that our customers don't already have." What Publix's customers absolutely won't get are private label products they feel they must hide in the kitchen pantry. SB Aylward, editor-in-chief of Store Brands, can be reached at [email protected] We offer a full line of baked snacks and will customize products specifically for you. To start your project call 800.523.8253 x 7892 or email [email protected] Y ORGANIC PRETZELS • GLUTEN FREE PRETZELS • ORGANIC EXTRUDED SNACKS • ORGANIC AIR POPPED POPCORN PRIVATE LABEL CO-PACKING

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