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FEB 2017

Store Brands delivers unprecedented strategic and tactical information needed by retail executives to develop and support compelling, differentiated store brand programs to build customer loyalty.

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2 0 Store Brands / February 2017 / Ragozzino Foods, Inc. • 10 Ames Ave., Meriden, CT 06451 800-348-1240 [email protected] • It's all about the food! be added this year, including organic waffles, granola and nut butters in grocery, organic soup in deli and organic-sprouted wheat bread in bakery. The three tiers also have a solid presence in Publix's fresh foods department, including bakery, meat, deli and produce. Recently, Publix expanded Experience counts There's something to be said for the long number of years that employees work at one company. Lengthy tenures equate to extended knowledge. In Publix's case, several people have worked for decades for the company, which has impacted its own brands in a positive way. The following are some of those employees (with their current titles): u Floyd Freeman, (pictured right) director of manufacturing/ supply purchasing — 42 years. u Jane Pixley, business development director of bakery — 38 years. u Tim Cox, director of creative services/marketing — 36 years. u Karen Hall, director of emerging business and private brands — 33 years. u Karen King, director of industrial operations and business development — 25 years. GreenWise to the deli and bakery departments. Jane Pixley, Publix's business development director of bakery, is always pushing the own-brand angle in fresh foods. "I always get asked by customers, 'How much local product do you do?' I tell them that we're making it from scratch in the store, and you can't get any more local than that," Pixley says. "In the deli, [our employees] are hand- breading and frying our chicken. [In the meat department], they are cutting and grinding. Customers can always see our mixers, ovens and meat cutters at work." The loyalty factor is a two-way street. Publix knows how vital it is to be loyal to its customers. This is where service, that all-important fourth tier, has had a tremendous impact. "Our competitors can't replicate our people," Brous says. "We're about having relationships with our customers and meeting their needs. We're in our 87 th year, and we have never changed our core philosophy or culture." The fact that Publix is an employee-

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