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FEB 2017

Store Brands delivers unprecedented strategic and tactical information needed by retail executives to develop and support compelling, differentiated store brand programs to build customer loyalty.

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1 6 Store Brands / February 2017 / intangible "fourth" tier, which private label experts say is crucial to today's store brand success. As Hall puts it, Publix is in "relentless pursuit" to achieve outstanding customer service, not just by having attentive and affable store associates, but through other measures that directly impact the quality and reputation of its own brands. So "relentless pursuit" is also about implementing the latest food safety measures, using the finest ingredients from suppliers, making sure suppliers adhere to environmental and animal welfare policies, and constantly meeting the evolving tastes of consumers. "Everybody at Publix has a role in servicing the customer," says Floyd Freeman, Publix's director of manufacturing and supply purchasing. A loyal following Late last year, the Temkin Group, a customer research and consulting firm, listed Publix No. 1 in its Temkin Loyalty Index, which surveyed 10,000 consumers to evaluate customer loyalty for 294 companies across 20 industries. The study evaluated consumers' likelihood to do five things: repurchase from the company, recommend the company to others, forgive the company if it makes a mistake, trust the company, and try new offerings from the company. This was all good news for Publix's private brands. After all, Publix's goal with its store brands is to get consumers to trust them enough to repurchase them, recommend them and try new items. "Trust … at the end of the day that's what it's really all about," says Michael Roberson, Publix's director of corporate quality assurance. The Publix Brand comprises most of the retailer's private brand sales and includes more than 3,000 SKUs. The products in the line are billed as good or better than national brand equivalents and cost less. "We're consistently looking at our branding systems to evaluate them and to make sure they are still effective in the market place." — Tim Cox, director of creative services/marketing

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