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Page 38 of 69 / September 2016 / Store Brands 3 7 customization, you're talking about the packaging. But in this aspect, the packaging is clearly explaining how the product can be customized, and it explains that customization very well with illustrations, as well as written instructions. BRONZE AWARD (TIE) Food Lion/Hannaford Ground Coffee RETAIL COMPANY: Delhaize America, Salisbury, N.C. THE JUDGES WEIGH IN: MIYARES: There is some very interesting copy here that is both educational and entertaining. It's a very sophisticated package with its military crease on the pouch; very functional. LINGLE: I was very impressed by the overall silver look. The smoke/steam of the coffee rising out of the coffee cup is very pleasing to the eye. And I was so impressed by the balance of the copy on this package. It's not too much; it's not too little. If you want to know how to brew a perfect cup of coffee, it's right there. It has storytelling, and it tells you how to preserve your coffee and keep it fresh. REFRIGERATED & FROZEN FOODS GOLD AWARD Red Button Vintage Creamery Ice Cream RETAIL COMPANY: Associated Food Stores THE JUDGES WEIGH IN: CASEY: The retailer got the branding so right with Red Button Ice Cream, from the bold logo treatment on the top and front panels of the ice cream tubs to the bold brand name treatment on the left-hand side. The judges were confident that the memorable design would help build brand awareness and loyalty. PIERCE: The flavor-specific names on the edge of the lids make the flavors easy to find in the freezer — at the store and at home. The bracket-style box on the front panel, along with the stripes and the red button logo, look vintage. But the contemporary fonts, front-panel nutrition callouts and the ingredient props around the ice cream scoops address today's package design trends. the Go!Smart package is really a standout. The closure has a non-drip aspect. The shape is unique in that it takes advantage of the square footprint so you have cube efficiency, but it's also round and that provides good grip ability. It's a good size. It is a differentiator on the shelf. RICK LINGLE: We also liked that it has callouts on the back to explain the product. It brings it back to the source, which is a popular driver these days. Also, there is a positive balance of the health benefits. SILVER AWARD Clear American Ice Sparkling Water RETAIL COMPANY: Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Bentonville, Ark. THE JUDGES WEIGH IN: PIERCE: The silver and the metallic in the label really pop out, especially when you're looking at the colors side by side. The way the bottle is so tall and narrow also makes it stand out, and it still has stability. The caps are all the same, a transparent white cap, so [the retailer saves] money there and spends more money on the metallic aspects. Overall, it's a nicely designed and affordable package. The way the color of the beverage inside the bottle both matches and complements the color coding on the label helps identify the flavor of the product. It's nicely done not only in the color bar behind the word "Clear," but also in the background color of the metallic label. LINGLE: The callout of the fruit is very clear; when you see these on shelf, you know it's about fruit. The word "Clear" points to the ingredient list and how they've minimized that. But I think the complementary use of the color schemes is extremely attractive on shelf. BRONZE AWARD (TIE) Irresistibles Caffe Espresso Ground Coffee RETAIL COMPANY: Metro Inc., Montreal DESIGN COMPANY: St. Joseph Communications THE JUDGES WEIGH IN: CASEY: We loved the back panel. That's unusual when thinking of packaging design, but we loved that the back panel promoted the product as multi- functional. Similar to beauty products that are two-in- one, this product reminds consumers it can be used to make an espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, mocha, affogato or a café au lait. It's a wonderful way to communicate to the customer about the value of the product, which in my mind would lead to more retail sales. PIERCE: Usually when you talk about the trend toward

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