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APR 2016

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7 4 Store Brands / April 2016 / Category Intelligence: Bread and Bagels In addition to targeting the right products to the right shopper bases, retailers also could help boost private label revenues by emphasizing the lower cost of store brands and spotlighting the relevant health attributes on packages, Harris says. Yet, because it is crucial for retailers to consistently meet shopper demands, operators must keep a close watch on the shifting marketplace and be ready to respond. "Many retailers look at the raw sales numbers and say they want a private label version of the popular products in the category," Toufayan states. "But they also need to consider where the market is going and not just what it was yesterday. That includes recogniz- ing the excitement coming from new products and categories and not just the old staples." SB Source: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm. Total U.S. supermarkets, drugstores, mass market retailers, military commissaries and select club and dollar retail chains for the 52 weeks ending Jan. 24, 2016. Bread and bagel category performance Dollar Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Dollar Share Unit Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Avg. Price Per Unit All other fresh rolls/bun/ croissants Fresh bread Hamburger and hot dog buns Pita bread Frozen bread/ rolls/pastry dough Frozen fresh baked bread/roll/biscuit Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands $501.5 -0.6% 25.4% 201.8 -3.3% $2.48 $1,975.9 +3.3% 100% 696.1 +0.3% $2.84 $2,072.4 -3.4% 24.7% 1,344.9 -3.8% $1.54 $8,383.7 0.0% 100% 3,615.6 -1.5% $2.32 $865.2 -0.5% 43.5% 664.5 -1.6% $1.30 $1,990.7 +1.7% 100% 1,117.6 -0.3% $1.78 $5.6 +26.6% 4.7% 2.7 +30.8% $2.09 $118.7 -3.1% 100% 60.9 -7.8% $1.95 $17.6 -11.3% 7.4% 5.7 -10.0% $3.07 $239.0 +3.1% 100% 68.4 +2.1% $3.49 $175.0 -5.4% 23.2% 78.1 -4.3% $2.24 $754.7 -1.0% 100% 273.4 -1.5% $2.76 Chef Frankie is continuously working at trying to help people organize their daily chaos by ofering them bakery products for a healthy lifestyle. He believes that grains are good for you and that you can find explosion of flavors in clean label bakery items at the same time. He has worked hard at constantly bringing innovation to a category that needs to generate inflation and ofer new ideas to their customers. The consumer is looking for healthy alternatives but also wants it to taste good. Chef Frankie has been able to combine good for you and tastes good in one same product. He has developed a family of products that come in Bite, roll and buns sizes. All sold frozen to the retailer who simply has to thaw and sell to their customers. He has made certain that all his bakery items are produced in a BRC certified facility that has the required capacity for promotional activity because when the consumer tastes these unique bakery products they simply fly of the shelves. Chef Frankie has made certain that the consumer be able to use his line of healthy and favorful bakery products for all meal occasions, therefore making their daily chaos simpler. Chef organizing daily chaos through innovation A D V E R T O R I A L

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