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APR 2016

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Category Intelligence: Bread and Bagels 7 2 Store Brands / April 2016 / ing could drive activity, it is important that shoppers still are able view the food content, states Francois Joyet, president and founder of Maguire Bakeries, a Quebec City, Quebec-based supplier of breads and rolls. "Retailers can put two or three bullet points on a bag, but having more can cause them to lose the consumer," he notes. Offer an on-trend selection Offering the most relevant product selection, however, can be challenging as shopper buying behavior rapidly evolves. "Often what currently is on trend is not what was hot a year ago," Toufayan states. Therefore, retailers should continually work to add excitement to the category and differentiate their products through unique flavors and seasonal selections such as maple and apple bagels, Joyet says. "Consumers are looking for something new in every- thing they eat," he states. "Our challenge as manufac- turers is to get shoppers to flip to a product that is a little more expensive but delivers bang for the buck." Indeed, Joyet notes that "gone are the days" when retailers could sell bagels in six packs for 99 cents. Such products create neither shopper loyalty nor profitability. "Retailers will lose shoppers who buy strictly by price, as those consumers will go from one store to another," he states. Instead, retailers should launch exclusive and high-quality offerings and extensively promote the products via in-store samplings, Joyet says. "Consumers purchase with their eyes, nose and mouths," he states. "If an item smells, looks and tastes good, it is a 100 percent sure win. There is no secret to it." Connect with suppliers To develop the most appropriate store brand items, meanwhile, retailers must divulge their merchandising objectives to suppliers so the parties can design appropriate packaging and sales strategies, says Dave Harris, president of West Caldwell, N.J.- based Original Bagel Co. "By spending just a little extra time together, retailers and manufacturers can generate tremendous results," Harris notes. "We can offer ideas on packaging and flavors based on what was successful with other customers in similar situations. Every region and every retailer is different, so it is important to customize strategies." Harris notes, for instance, that specific bagels are popular in different parts of the United States. There is stronger demand in the South and Southwest, for instance, for jalapeƱo and other spicy flavors, he says. Smaller-size bagels, meanwhile, are increasing in popularity across the United States as con- sumers seek to cut their caloric intakes, he notes. t Target Corp., Minneapolis, now offers Archer Farms Chai Spice Breakfast Bread. The bread is made with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. It retails in a 20-oz. flexible plastic bag. New from Monrovia, Calif.-based Trader Joe's is Trader Joe's Sprouted Multi-Grain u Bread. The kosher-certied bread is described as being made with organic high-protein sprouted wheat berries, rye flakes and flax seeds. It retails in a 24-oz. flexible plastic bag. t President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Cherry Loaf, from Loblaw Companies Ltd., Brampton, Ontario, is said to be inspired by PC The Decadent chocolate chips. The bread is made with real cherries, chocolate chips and cocoa, and topped with golden oats. It contains no colors or artificial flavors. The kosher-certified product retails in a 400g flexible plastic bag. New from Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart are Marketside Spicy Buffalo u Knots. The hand-tied soft, spicy buffalo-flavored knots are said to bake fresh in the bag in minutes. The heat-and-eat product retails in a 10.44-oz. flexible metallized film bag containing eight knots. Source: Mintel's Global New Products Database Look what's new K Don't cut suppliers out of packaging, sales strategy meetings. y y y p j p Do offer unique flavors and seasonal selections such as maple and apple bagels.

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