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APR 2016

Store Brands delivers unprecedented strategic and tactical information needed by retail executives to develop and support compelling, differentiated store brand programs to build customer loyalty.

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6 6 Store Brands / April 2016 / Category Intelligence: Juices and Waters are aligned with the lifestyle," Beard says. Standing out is important, too. "Allow consumers to easily identify the product, the quality and the attributes. When the consumer can easily find and identify your product, they will probably be willing to pay a little more for its quality," Paquette says. McClure agrees that labeling should be simple. "Sometimes having too much [information] on the bottle clouds the real benefit of the product," she says. She also encourages retailers to make good use of grab-and-go refrigerated stations within stores when merchandising store brand waters and juices. SB Note: Does not include all juice and water subcategories. Source: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm. Total U.S. supermarkets, drugstores, mass market retailers, military commissaries and select club and dollar retail chains for the 52 weeks ending Jan. 24, 2016. Juice and water category performance Dollar Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Dollar Share Unit Sales (in millions) Change vs. Year Ago Avg. Price Per Unit Refrigerated juices/drinks Aseptic juices Shelf-stable bottled juices Convenience/ PET still water Jug/bulk still water Seltzer/ sparkling/ mineral water Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands Private Label All Brands $609.3 -1.1% 10.0% 229.2 -0.6% $2.66 $6,123.5 +1.6% 100% 2,060.3 +0.8% $2.97 $25.8 +3.5% 1.9% 12.3 +4.9% $2.10 $1,388.0 -3.8% 100% 495.4 -9.4% $2.80 $845.4 -4.8% 15.4% 355.8 -5.0% $2.38 $5,501.2 +1.4% 100% 2,271.7 -0.6% $2.42 $2,050.4 +9.6% 28.3% 762.6 +10.9% $2.69 $7,247.7 +7.5% 100% 2,715.8 +6.3% $2.67 $500.0 +8.5% 44.6% 516.6 +8.6% $0.97 $1,121.9 +6.5% 100% 963.8 +4.6% $1.16 $396.9 +9.3% 23.3% 418.5 +5.9% $0.95 $1,706.8 +15.1% 100% 1,202.6 +8.6% $1.42 Do consider offering flavored sparkling waters in small cans. Don't ignore the trend away from syrups and artifical flavorings. For 25 years Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc. has been providing store brand water to some of North America's top retail chains. As industry leaders in environmental stewardship, they are passionate about good health and preservation of the earth. Ice River is the only North American bever- age company with an in-house plastics recycling facility that takes in baled, post-consumer plastic from munici- pal recycling centers, purifying and transforming the PET plastic into brand new bottles. Tey are the only beverage company producing 100% recycled content bottles in a closed- loop system. "Tere is enough plastic in the world today, we just need to fnd better ways to reuse it," states Jamie Gott, Ice River Springs' CEO. "Since 2011 we have diverted millions of pounds of plastic from going into landfll." Ice River SpringsĀ® has a strong record of continuous improvement. Since 2002 they have reduced both packaging materials by 53% and the amount of energy used to produce a case of bottled water by 84%. Teir customers beneft by selling private label and branded products at the leading edge of corporate sustainability prac- tices. With 12 bottling plants strategically located near major markets, and complete vertical integration from the water source to preform, bottle and cap manufacturing, Ice Rivers SpringsĀ® delivers extraordinary value for retailers. Ice River Springs helps retailers meet sustainability goals A d v e r t O r I A L

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