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APR 2016

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Packaging 5 0 Store Brands / April 2016 / food photography that captures the essence of something special. "That first bite is with your eyes," he stresses. "You absolutely have to appeal; you have to make somebody hungry, to want to eat it." But today's food photography shouldn't have a staged or perfect look — that look was the norm in the United States for some time, but has started to change in the past few years, Duffy says. Instead, it should have a natural look and feel — as if the photographer has captured a moment. "It's that imperfect perfection, if you will," Duffy says. "You just capture a moment where that chocolate just drips down from the chocolate cake onto that strawberry; it's a little bit of a mess; it's real." Oakley points to four trends retailers should consider — "less is more," "benefits over features," "luxury creation through choice" and "compelling storytelling." The first trend calls for a design that's sleek and sophisticated (or a tad suggestive of chic), but relies on "clean lines and minimalism." The second requires retailers to emphasize how the product will help and benefit the consumer, while the third involves positioning the product as part of a range of choices. Finally, the last trend calls for articulation of what makes the product different and special. "Stories are what make us human," he says. "Brands that connect you to a person, place, event or something bigger are always more likely to be perceived as premium." Although high-end luxury finishes such as a gold effect remain in demand, Peters says, satin and matte The Co-operative Food, Manchester, England, uses taste-tempting photography for its premium food items. q Photo courtesy of Equator Design

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