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APR 2016

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4 6 Store Brands / April 2016 / Special Report: Center-Store Natural and Organic Products "Energy bars and gels, baby food and bread and baked goods lead, with the largest overall sales volume in center-store certified NOP plus-70 percent organic products, although oils and vinegars are catching up with the largest absolute dollar change in center-store products in the last year," Lazarski says. "These all include private label." Consumers also want hot and spicy when it comes to condiments and other products. "Sriracha and jalapeƱo have joined Tabasco/ cayenne hot sauce-style ingredients to meet consumers' desires for ethnic flavors and/or new cooking trends," Hackbarth says. "Retailers should offer these same flavor profiles in organic and/or non-HFCS products." Focus on packaging Eye-catching package design and graphics also attract shoppers. Recipes are welcome, while user- friendly, sustainable packaging drives repeat sales. For healthier-alternative products such as organic soup and almond milk, products processed via ultra- high temperature are popular. "These products come in [flexible] cartons [versus cans or glass jars/bottles]. Gable-top cartons are also extremely popular," Balsamo says. "Downsizing is also a trend, which lends itself well to portion control." Variety in package sizes with easy-open and easy- close features, plus resealable standup pouches, are being sought by more on-the-go shoppers. "Organic ketchup and other items used to be traditionally sold in smaller sizes, but supermarkets and wholesale clubs are now offering larger family and combo packs," Hackbarth says. Upside-down (UPSD) ketchup bottles are increasing in popularity, too.

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