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APR 2016

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2 8 Store Brands / April 2016 / Special Report: Store Brands' Editors' Picks Never Miss a Spot SPF 50 spray sunscreen Phd Skin Care LLC T his product is innovative for its patented wand technology, which allows users to deliver the sunscreen in hard-to-reach areas such as their back. Said to be "intelligently designed to be lightweight and stealthy," the wand, once opened, sports a nozzle users press to produce a fine mist. The technology also is offered for the manufacturer's self-tanners, moisturizers, skin brighteners, pain sprays and other products. We think it solves a huge sunscreen application challenge. "It's easy to use," noted one judge, "and is perfect for occasions when I have no one to help me apply sunscreen to my back." Ty-D-Bol Natural bathroom cleaner line Willert Home Products T hese plant-based cleaning products are said to keep bathrooms fresh and clean naturally. The line, consisting of a liquid toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl cleaning tablets and a natural bathroom cleaner, is biodegradable and non-toxic, as well as free from dyes and perfumes. Although they are made with ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment, the surface and toilet cleaners kill odor-causing bacteria. And the toilet bowl cleaning tablets are the only tablets on the market powered by tea tree oil, the company notes. We like the natural but effective nature of the products. "I love that the tablets use tree oil, a leaf-derived oil that often is used in skin care products," one judge stated. DayClear and NiteClear over-the-counter remedies GM Pharmaceuticals Inc. T hese clear over-the-counter (OTC) allergy, sinus, cold, cough and flu products are gluten-free, alcohol- free, dye-free, sugar-free, artificial flavor-free and acetaminophen-free. They are described as filling in a gap for the many Americans who are impacted by "diseases and intolerances requiring special diets and pharmaceutical considerations." In fact, the company owner created the line because he wanted his son — who was diagnosed with celiac disease — and other people with sensitivities to certain ingredients to have another OTC option. And we love the concept. "The clear solutions are free of many ingredients people don't want — they are on-trend," one judge pointed out. Freeze-dried minnow treats for dogs and cats Carnivore Meat Co. S aid to be the first of their kind in the world, these freeze-dried minnow treats are wild caught from Midwest rivers and streams and contain no additives or preservatives — only the minnows. The freeze- drying process locks in all of the natural bioavailable nutrients. What's more, the treats are produced in a pet food facility that is USDA, ISO and EU certified; the company notes that it's the only pet food manufacturer in the world to have all three designations. We love the concept's uniqueness, simplicity and wholesomeness. And our pet taste-tester had no complaints. "He loves them," one of the judges said after offering them to her dog. [email protected] Note: To be eligible for entry, the product concepts must have been introduced and made available for private labeling between January 2015 and January 2016. A team of editors/associates judged food and beverage entries based on taste/quality and innovation. Non-food products were judged on innovation and functionality. Non-Food Product Concepts

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