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APR 2016

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1 6 Store Brands / April 2016 / Cover Story: Pharmasave are well positioned on that trend to build trust and loyalty while also providing customers with customized services that are tailored to the unique needs of the individual community. Lindsay agrees. Every drug retail chain is trying to offer more personalized services and to connect with consumers, he says. But Pharmasave is at an advantage because it can offer its customers pharmacists who are very involved in day-to-day operations and who often provide personalized, neighborly service. Such community building and personalization rings truer when it comes from somebody who is known within the community. Knowing the community's trust in their Pharmasave pharmacists, the drugstore retailer offers a unique approach for its OTC store brand products, as well as its vitamins and supplements. "Each OTC product carries the 'Pharmasave Approved by Your Community Pharmacist seal,'" Langlands says. "This means that, prior to launch, a Pharmasave pharmacist reviews each OTC product monograph, as well as the label text. This detailed review is also completed for our vitamins, herbals and supplements. It is an extra step we take to ensure our customers trust the quality of our products." This seal, along with the retailer's vendor partnerships and strict adherence to the guidelines issued by Health Canada and the Natural Health Product Directorate, are just two ways Pharmasave uses to engender consumer trust in the safety and efficacy of its products. Pharmasave also works very closely with its manufacturers on quality assurance, Langlands notes. "We ensure they provide the appropriate documentation, and we visit their facilities regularly," she says. "If there is a consumer concern, we have a comprehensive reporting process that is employed, ensuring that any potential anomalies are reported, tested and corrected." Well promoted Word of mouth from store pharmacists is not the only way Pharmasave promotes its own-brand products. It also uses traditional methods such as flyers, coupons, the website, digital marketing and its Pharmasave Brand Loyalty program. Additionally, the retailer issues standalone Pharmasave brand flyer inserts, Langlands says. During a visit to the company's website in March, Store Brands found that the retailer was prominently featuring a private label promotion: Buy 10 Pharmasave brand products and get one free. We also found the promotion detailed in the digital edition of the retailer's store flyer. And the retailer isn't shy when it comes to drawing attention to store brands within the store. For instance, it uses specific Pharmasave brand shelf talkers to call attention to its products, as well as a yellow "Compare and Save" arrow that's placed between the national brand and private label products. Plus, the retailer uses various point- of-purchase kits and shelf-talker campaigns to promote its brand, Langlands says. In fact, Pharmasave brand products are well represented on shelf, Thompson says. And the retailer targets higher-volume core items as it seeks to continue to develop the Pharmasave brand. Of course, Pharmasave does stock and sell national brands. And when it comes to front-of- store merchandising, the retailer offers items such as cosmetics and giftware, he adds. It also encourages its member owners to differentiate their stores from other Pharmasave stores by tailoring their assortment to meet the needs of their individual community. SB

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