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APR 2016

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1 4 Store Brands / April 2016 / Cover Story: expiration dates based on criteria that include packaging type, she adds. As Canada is a relatively small market, it's cost-effective, therefore, for many retailers to use the same packaging formats here. However, Pharmasave has more opportunity to differentiate itself from the market in the health and beauty aid categories. Besides its Pharmasave brand, the retailer does offer customers a sub- brand within its vitamins, herbals and supplements: WellQuest by Pharmasave. Having just recently undergone a redesign, the WellQuest by Pharmasave brand now offers customers more information about the ingredients, as well as about the intended use of the product. For instance, it offers ingredient bullets such as "gluten-free" or "no artificial colors." Plus, the approved product uses are always found in prominent locations on the label, Langlands states. "I like the approach Pharmasave has taken with their WellQuest vitamin sub-brand, [most of which] are naturally sourced and have a distinct brand identity," Lindsay adds. "If positioned properly, WellQuest could have potential for expansion into other healthful categories." One reason for the potential for expansion is that the brand name, WellQuest, is able to appropriately deliver against Pharmasave's overall brand positioning as a center for health and wellness, which is best summed up by the retailer's tagline: "Live well with Pharmasave." Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that Pharmasave could use the WellQuest brand to appeal to consumers in other health and wellness categories such as food and beverage or non- toxic household cleaners, Lindsay adds. The brand name and the packaging design of WellQuest is so well done and of such high quality that Lindsay even thinks it could stand on its own, without the Pharmasave logo. Trusted by many For their part, Pharmasave store owners are "heavily invested" in the Pharmasave brand and the retailer's line of private label products, Langlands says. "It's truly 'their brand,'" she notes. "They understand the value of the brand to their customers, as well as the contribution to their stores, both in profitability and brand loyalty." And Pharmasave heavily encourages its pharmacists and store owners to offer feedback on store brand products. "We know that if Pharmasave pharmacists recommend a product, our customers will likely purchase it," Langlands states. Customers likely trust their Pharmasave pharmacist because each Pharmasave store is independently owned and operated. Therefore, each store is deeply rooted in the community it serves, with pharmacists and store owners often knowing their customers by name and having a reputation as trusted professionals, she adds. And this commitment to the community is one way that Pharmasave has been able to differentiate itself from other Canadian drugstore chains. The current trend in healthcare is for consumers to go to their pharmacy for services for which they used to go to their doctor, says Sally Seston, director, Retail Category Consultants, Toronto. Drugstore chains such as u d e e l a t i v e l y f o r m a n y s h e r e . u n i t y t o h e a l t h a n d

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