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6 Store Brands / December 2015 / The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. Food for thought: 2016 and beyond he end of one year always brings with it numerous lists of trends to watch in the next. And as product developers, retailers' own-brand teams will want to pay attention to such lists. One such list comes from Innova Market Insights of the Netherlands. It points outs the top 10 global food and beverage trends for 2016. Topping the list is "organic growth for clear label." According to the company, "clear label" established itself as a key trend in 2015, when increased transparency and a focus on simpler products with fewer additives began to move "clean label" to the next level. Rounding out the top five of Innova Market Insights' 2016 trends are, in order: • "Free-From for All." This trend reflects consumers' demand for gluten-free and other free-from platforms — whether those consumers actually need them or just believe them to be more healthful than other alternatives. • "The Flexitarian Effect." Resulting from an increase in part-time vegetarians, this trend is giving rise to products that taste more like meat, as well as the use of alternative proteins and more animal-friendly processes. • "Processing the Natural Way." This trend is putting the spotlight on long- established food processing technologies such as fermentation that have a natu- ral perception. Innova Market Research notes that newer technologies such as high-pressure pasteurization also could be seen as a fresh alternative. • "Green Light for Vegetables." The understanding on the part of consumers that they need to eat more vegetables is giving rise to "hidden-vegetable" products for children, as well as fusion smoothies and vegetable-containing pastas for adults. But retailers will need to consider more than these trends — and others — in 2016 and beyond. Consumers have changed profoundly since they emerged from the global financial crisis, and product development and marketing for both foods and non-foods need to reflect that reality. Consumers now seek "values, not just value," Howard Saunders, president of New York-based Twenty Second & Fifth, told attendees of a Nov. 17 breakfast held during the PLMA's Private Label Trade Show in Rosemont, Ill. The new consumer wants "products for heroes" — the product as opposed to a product, Saunders said. "No one wants a watch; they want the watch," the futurist stressed. This new retail culture, where the consumer is the center of the universe, is posing a challenge to product marketers. But smart retailers and brands, Saunders said, are react- ing. He pointed to Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign and McDonald's "Create Your Taste" pilot menu program as two examples of a current trend toward product personal- ization, or "bespoke products," that cater to today's "me-centric" consumer culture. Consumers' desire for transparency also is giving rise to more story-telling on the part of savvy marketers, he said. Even IKEA's meatballs "have a story." Ultimately, the consumer mindset today is that "nothing need be ordinary," Saunders stressed. Therefore, product marketers — including those on the store brand side — will want to approach new product development with an eye toward not only trends, but also de-commoditization. SB Editor's Note Kathie Canning, Editorial Director [email protected] Business Intelligence for an Evolving Market 570 Lake Cook Rd. 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