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DEC 2015

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Special Report: Retailer-Supplier Roundtable 2 0 Store Brands / December 2015 / oil (unless that soil is organic/non-GMO). The system is just too vast, which presents a challenge in terms of transparency. "Right now, because the system is so vast and how it's processed from seed to the crush to unrefined and refined oil, it's impossible to go back to the origin of where this bottle of soybean oil came from," he explained. "You can maybe trace it back to a particular state — and you can definitely trace it back to whatever country it's coming from." Metro also is fielding more detailed questions related to organics, GMOs, and meat, fish and dairy products from knowledgeable consumers who want answers, Gibson said. And sometimes the supplier can be the roadblock in getting those questions answered. But consumers' desire for transparency calls for a more collaborative process between the supplier and retailer. "It's very much a process," Oas stated. "I mean manufacturers who feel that their spec is proprietary and they're not going to disclose things like spices or natural flavoring — I have a major problem with that, and we address that right upfront." That doesn't mean every detail needs to make the product label, she said. But if a soup label says "spices," the supplier needs to communicate to the retailer what those spices are so it can adequately respond to consumer questions. "I'm going to get 20 calls the week it comes out," Oas explained. "People want to know what those spices are — for example, they could be sensitive to black pepper, or have a mustard allergy, which is not considered an allergen of declaration in U.S. law." SB Note: A special "thank you" goes out to the sponsors of this year's roundtable: Catania-Spagna Corp. and Zip-Pak. Marie-France Gibson, vice president, private label, Metro Inc.; Steve Thompson, national director, merchandising, Pharmasave Drugs Ltd. (observer).

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