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DEC 2015

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1 4 Store Brands / December 2015 / began demanding that grocers carry organic and "best of nature" type products. Plus, Topco has worked hard to make the brand more relevant over the years by investing not only in the products it offers, but also in their packaging. The rebranding of Full Circle to Full Circle Market is part of that push for relevance. With changing consumer needs, Severin says, Topco saw that the natural and organic market was changing as well. To ensure its natural and organic brand continued to meet its members' shoppers' expectations, Topco researched the market and learned that shoppers see farmers' markets and specialty markets as the gold standards. So Topco evolved the name to reflect that perception. Topco's research also found that natural and organic consumers want to know more about the positive benefits of each product they buy. To address this need, Topco redesigned the packaging to consistently call out the benefits of each product in a green section on the front of the package. And Topco went one step further with the packaging by updating the brand look to have a more casual farmers' market feel. The look features casual lettering and hand-drawn icons, as well as a brown kraft paper appearance for many of its items. Topco also added the tagline "In season year round" to emphasize to shoppers that these items will be available at member stores whenever shoppers want them, Severin adds. And when it comes to packaging inspiration for all of its own brands, Topco isn't afraid to look far and wide. For more information, please contact: Kristine Nelan • 516 -676 -7772 ext. 112 • [email protected] On 2015 Retail Cooperative of the Year CONGRATULATES

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